My Journey as a Designer

I have always been drawn to physical products that are both functional and beautiful. Growing up, I was particularly interested in shoes and watches, which are essentially functional sculptures. I feel the same way about lamps and planters - they have a huge impact on the vibe and feel of a home or space, and allow for a lot of design freedom while still being functional.

I have always had design ideas. However, I have terrible coordination, and I can't draw, sculpt, or really do any kind of art that relies on expressing your ideas through your hands very well.

Here is one of my lamp sketches to illustrate just how bad I am at drawing: 

Fortunately, like many people during the pandemic, I had a little bit of extra time on my hands, and I began to learn 3D modeling. 3D modeling finally allowed me to express my creativity. 

At that time my wife was really into Orchids, but she was having trouble keeping them healthy. After buying a bunch of different orchid planters, she realized that there weren't many planters available that were both beautiful and designed specifically for orchids, which require a lot of root aeration and are susceptible to root rot. I wanted to help her out, so I decided to exercise my newly acquired 3D modeling super powers and make her an orchid planter. My first orchid planter was an early version of the Bomi Orchid Planter, which is available in my shop. My Bomi and Casa Orchid Planters were both designed for my wife (with a lot of her input :D). She loved them so much that she encouraged me to start selling online.

Here is a peak at the Bomi Orchid Planter:

And here is the Casa Orchid Planter: 

An early prototype of the Casa Planter: 

Orchid Planter With Root Aeration

After getting a little better at 3D modeling, I began to design lamps for myself. My best seller so far is the Vertice Mini Table Lamp. I love designing lamps because they can be very sculptural, but you are constrained by designing around the light source itself, which I think boosts my creativity.

Here is an early Vertice Mini prototype: 

Vertice Mini Table Lamp 

Me and my first lamp design: 

Some pictures of tinkering to perfect my second lamp design: 

The Alte Designer Floor Lamp Shade

Lampshade 3D Printing

Measure Twice Print Once!

Lamp Shade Prototyping


Since then, it has been a real adventure, starting with selling to neighbors through Facebook Marketplace in May 2020, and then launching my Etsy shop. Now, I'm proud to have launched my own shop in April 2023. I love designing, and I am very privileged to be able to share that with all of you through my shop. Even if I was stuck on a desert island by myself, I would still sketch lamp and planter ideas in the sand.

Being a designer has been a rewarding but challenging experience. I have ideas for lamps and planters on a daily basis, but translating an idea into a final product is often a slow and challenging process. However, the joy of seeing someone enjoy a product that I've designed makes it all worth it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about my journey as a designer. If you're interested in seeing more of my designs, check out my shop. Thanks for supporting small businesses like mine!

P.S. If you want help or advice on starting a creative business, design, 3D modeling, selling online, or if you want to collaborate, feel free to reach out :). 

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